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Damien Browning, the visionary behind this sanctuary, understands that recovery isn’t a solitary journey. It’s a symphony of shared strength, where notes of vulnerability harmonize with resilience. His passion ignites the flame that warms hearts and lights the way.

Together, we rewrite narratives. The proceeds from this room fund STEPS TO RECOVERY HOMES and KONNECT WELLNESS CENTER, extending lifelines to those drowning in addiction’s despair. It’s more than financial support; it’s a lifeline of compassion, a beacon of hope.

So let us gather here, where compassion meets action. Let us honor Damien’s vision—a mosaic of brokenness made whole. For in our shared humanity, we find strength. And in the Connection Room, we discover that healing is a symphony best played together.
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Making Dreams Come True

In the quiet dawn, Damien stands at our venue’s heart—a conductor of dreams. His eyes hold galaxies, laughter echoing through sun-kissed corridors. Damien, weaver of tapestries, knows every celebration is a constellation—a unique alignment of love, hope, and memory.

His touch transforms spaces into sanctuaries of joy. 
His legacy? Not in marble plaques, but in laughter, tears, promises echoing across time. For Damien, every event is a canvas—a chance to make dreams come true.


CEO-Founder & Architect of Dreams

Turning a Vision into Reality

In the sun-drenched studio, Anji stands—a curator of dreams and an alchemist of aesthetics. Her eyes hold kaleidoscopes of possibility, laughter echoing through color-coded palettes. Anji, the weaver of spaces, knows that every room is a canvas—an intersection of artistry and comfort.

As Creative Director, she orchestrates symphonies of design. And as Decorator, knows that seamless beauty is the backdrop for memories. Her mantra? “Harmony with Heart.” From cozy nooks to grand entrance hall, she crafts moments that linger.
Anji—the artist who turns spaces into poetry. Her future? A tapestry woven with laughter, whispered wishes, and the scent of fresh blooms. 


Creative Director & Crafter of Moments


A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

In the sun-drenched studio, Katie stands—a curator of dreams and architect of experiences. Her eyes hold kaleidoscopes of possibility, laughter echoing through color-coded calendars. Katie, the weaver of memories, knows that every event is a symphony—an interplay of aesthetics and logistics. As Creative Director and Planner, she paints with ideas and wields spreadsheets like magic wands. From venue scouting to the final toast, she orchestrates moments that linger. Katie—the alchemist who turns visions into reality. May her light guide us, as we dance beneath the moon’s benevolent gaze. 


Planner & Crafter of Moments

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